Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking care of myself

Oh yeah. I forgot to do that. It was so easy to forget. To rather spend the time taking care of my baby. To sleep. To make dinner. To just get through the day.

Then I caught a look at myself in the mirror.

Black maternity shirt all stretched out and hanging off me.
Dull skin and tea stained teeth.
The eyebrows of my youth (before Mom taught me about plucking) slowing earning back their caterpillar status.
Ratty, frizzy hair streaked with more grays than ever before.

I realized all I needed was a black, pointy hat and my Hallo.ween wi.tch costume would be complete.

After two months of taking care of my sweet, smiley boy I caught a glimmer of the woman I left behind and I missed her.

It is time to take some time for me.