Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I don't get pregnant on my own, except when I do.

Not 30 minutes before I peed on a stick today I stood in the kitchen with my hands on my hips proclaiming that I was tired of in-vitro deciding what I could do and when I could do it and if I could afford it. I stamped my feet and said maybe it is time to be happy with what we have and stop the madness of it all. Stop the fretting and worrying and frustration that the money only buys us a chance and not a guarantee. Then I put my 3 year old down for a nap and I thought about my day. I remembered that my coffee, that I make the same way every day, sucked. I realized that I only ate 1/2 a granola bar all morning and still wasn't hungry for lunch. I realized that I felt kind of extra motivated today to run all the errands and I thought about the fact that I skipped my second period since The first time back in November (me, who NEVER skips).  I had a test in the closet and I used it. The words "pregnant" popped up before I even finished peeing. HOW?? We don't get pregnant on our own. Except when we do!