Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All is quiet

And by that I mean the dog next door has finally stopped barking. Seriously, he has been barking for what feels like hours. We live in the sticks and so any kind of leaf rustling sets this dog off. Anyway...

All day it has felt like lava doing laps around my esophagus, stopping at the back of my throat for a rest and then back down again. I've been doing the thing, but I don't think they are getting the job done anymore. I feel like I am ready to move on to the harder stuff. The doctor gave me a short list (mylan.ta,, zan.tac), so basically it is just trial and error until I figure out what works. I would prefer not to take anything, but at times it is brutal.

Last night we took a tour of the hospital. Some IRL friends have questioned us going so early (I am only 22 weeks), but honestly I didn't think it was that early and with and Chr.istmas coming up fast, I was feeling like I wanted to get these things (tours, classes) checked off the list now, to clear the fog in my mind a bit.

The tour went really well. The maternity wing is only 5 years old, so everything is sparkling. We saw two brand new baby boys through the window and that was the BEST. So little and sweet. I immediately reached a hand down to my belly to cheer on our little boy.

I did have to smirk (to myself) at one point. C wasn't there yet and neither was one other husband's wife (turns out they were stuck in the same traffic). So the husband - M - and I started talking. His wife is due in January and I told him we are due in March. It is the first for each of us and I mentioned that it took us a long time (my standard opener to lead into our IVF story) and then he said that it took them a long time too. I perked right up expecting a number of years...but it turns out it took them 9 months (and it happened naturally). I spend so much time reading about long struggles with IF, that I forget that what is long to some people, would feel like nothing to so many of us. I would never want to sell them or anybody short. A wait is a wait no matter how long it is when you are trying to get to your goal. Each of us has a story. C reminded me of that when I told him what M and I were talking about.

I did tell him we did IVF and although he didn't know anyone personally, he asked questions about embryos that made me feel like he knew a bit about it.

So, I'm not sure there is a real point to this post, just wanted to vent about barking dogs, relentless heartburn, and people who get pregnant naturally. ;)


  1. Im with you on doing things early...We are taking most of our classes mid November to mid December:) Im just fearful I will be on strict bedrest and would feel more comfortable getting things done so we dont miss out:)

    It is hard to sometimes feel for people who say it took them a long time...when we IF'ers have been through so much to get where we are...when we spill our beans people realize what it is to really struggle...mix some losses into the mix and it can really make people amazed what you have powered through...but I will admit when one wants to be a mom usually its a ASAP feeling so I guess I could see where he though 9months was a long time....

    Take care!!!

  2. Touring the maternity ward. what an experience to finally have after your wait.

  3. Hey girl- I totally recommend Prilosec OTC. I have had THE worst heartburn ever. It burns my chest, up my throat, and actually makes my head hurt. It would keep me up at night. I finally got Prilosec OTC because my pharmacy could not fill the prescription from the doctor for some reason (they said they had to order it, but come's such a common med, but whatever) so I just opted for the over the counter (otc) stuff. It has made the difference of NIGHT AND DAY. I feel like a new person. I can actually enjoy my wind down time at night, and am not woken up by extreme burning pain!

  4. Tums has been working for me so far, but it's been mild as of now. Hang in there! It's interesting the different perspectives dealing with how long something takes...what for us might be a drop in the bucket for others is a lifetime.

  5. We're due in March as well, I am putting of the tour until January because we're so busy right now I can't fit it in! haha. I can't wait to check things out though - I bet it gives you another "OMG this is real" feel huh?

  6. I found your blog, and am excited for you and your family. Hope everything continues to go smoothly.

  7. Another March due baby boy here :) Found you through ICLW and just wanted to tell you congratulations! And man, I mean woman, are you ahead of the game with your tour of L&D. If my husband didn't put a halt to it, I'd be going soon too :)

  8. ICLW - Hey, why not take the tour early? It's not like the maternity ward is going to change. at least at this point you can walk around comfortably.

    And as far as the other couple - it took me 17 months to get pregnant, but I remember what I felt like after 9. I was pretty sad and frustrated. So even though it's laughable to veterans, I'm sure they felt it was a long time.

  9. Here from ICLW :) Congratulations on your son!! I liked this post very much - you have a great writing style.. I'll be following :) I have a serious desire to live with tons of land - like 15 acres or more out in the middle acre of nowhere where dogs can bark all they want (well maybe not ALL they want), but then the other part of me desperately wants a townhouse. Who knows... thank goodness I'm not looking for a house just yet. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

  10. Yeah - trying for 9 months isn't long at all. I've gotten pregnant twice without any sort of intervention, the first time, m/c my son's twin and didn't find out I was still pregnant until a month after the m/c...then, I struggled through 5 years of secondary infertility... and then with the last two had to add progestorone to the mix to keep pregnancies once I got pregnant ... because I've had 14 miscarriages over the years now. :( makes you thankful for!
    Happy ICLW...

  11. Here for ICLW. Congrats on your pregnancy! The heartburn is unbearable. I keep something for it in my desk at work, at home and all of my family has stocked up too in case I visit! I never had heartburn before getting pregnant!