Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About friends...

Moving + not having a job = not too many friends for me. I have been feeling like I need something more for myself for a while now. My sweet N is the greatest, but C has been working crazy hours and I feel a little nuts after spending long periods of time talking to myself or talking to a little boy who can't talk back. My parents are the next closest and while they are great people who only want the best for me, it gets exhausting because I feel a little like I have three kids to take care of when they are over (they are both in their late 60's and have some minor medical issues).

I need someone closer to my age who is going through similar things. I may have found that tonight, but I feel like it has been so long since I really talked to someone I would like to build a friendship with that I keep replaying and picking apart our 10 minute chat in my mind.

I was in the baby section of Tar.get and quickly bonded with someone over our glee that formula was on sale this week. She mentioned that she has an 8 month old boy (only 2 months older than mine) and that we live in the same town (so our boys would likely be in the same class when they start school).

She was sweet and open and the whole time we talked I felt like my desperation to have a friend was so obvious. I suggested we get coffee sometime and we exchanged email addresses. I don't know what will come of our meeting. Sometimes your life crosses paths with someone and it is not meant to be anything more than a fleeting moment. Or, we could have a nice friendship.

I hope it is the latter. I need a friend.


  1. Being in a new place, away from friends, is not easy at all...and having a young child that occupies your time doesn't make it easier. I hope your chance meeting results in a friendship for you. Also, have you thought about getting a webcam and skyping with your friends that you are missing?

    ICLW #19

  2. Is there a local MOPS or Mommy group you could join? Just a suggestion ... but I totally know how you feel. We moved from WI to WA a little over a year ago and I have made one friend ... but man, being friends with her is full of drama ... I had another friend but she turned out to be a pathological liar and made my life a living hell for several months...not even joking there... so I completely understand that longing for a friend.

    Happy ICLW from #86 :D

  3. I felt like I could have written this post! When hubby and I moved, I was working from home and didn't meet too many new people. Then I quit to focus full time on infertility treatments, and finally now I'm a stay at home mom. It's been really hard meeting people that I connect with so I can understand your excitement. I tried a couple moms groups and didn't feel like I fit very well so I started my own for moms who went through infertility or who have adopted. So far so good. I've found a couple moms that I can really relate to and that I like spending time with. But it took a lot for me to finally get going with that. I really hope that this person is the friend that you're looking for though or that you find other ways to meet people. It certainly isn't easy!

    ICLW #31

  4. Hi from ICLW!
    It's great that you're trying to make friends! It's hard to move to a new place and not have a job that gives you a built-in social network there. I hope you and this woman totally hit it off. :)

  5. Good for you for exchanging info! I sometimes run into friendly moms in random situations like this and we'll have a nice conversation but then I don't have the guts to ask for her digits :) My local MOMS Club has been great in helping me connect with other moms though-my son and I have both made so many wonderful friends! Might be worth checking for a chapter near you.

  6. I am glad that ou are able to find another mommy!!

    I am planning to start joining Mommy Groups soon to try and meet some other moms!!'\

    Happy ICLW

  7. I hope you guys become friends! I know how hard it is to be kind of isolated, having friends is always good and your kids would have fun playing together!