Monday, October 31, 2011

Thinking of the next few months

The holiday season is always a bundle of mixed emotions for me.  When I was a kid, our family didn't have huge traditions, but the ones we had were special and sweet.  As a newlywed, holidays were wonderful opportunities to celebrate three Thanksgivings and Christmases traveling up and down the east coast to be with the ones we love.  As an infertile, it was a time to hide out and stay low key.  To skip the pitying faces and kids screaming with glee.  It was also a time to be in the stirrups.  Thanksgiving 2009, I'm talking to you.

And now, with an 8(!) month old, holidays feel a little overwhelming.  There is some guilt I feel about wanting to start our own traditions here at home.  We want our son's first Christmas to be all about him waking up early and finding his stocking full and cinnamon buns in the oven.  Fire burning in the fireplace and feetie pajamas keeping him warm.  That picture makes me so happy, since it is a picture I have been dreaming of for years.  The guilt comes in with relatives who aren't able (willing?) to come our way to celebrate with us.  Should we head up their way?  Should we sacrifice our vision and dream so everyone can be together?

As anonymous as my blog is, I still feel like I am being very vague and so this is not necessarily me asking for advice as much as it is me venting.

I would love to wake up with C and N and run down the stairs to see a beautiful tree and Christmas the way I always wanted it to be.  I want to have a beautiful dinner with an open door to whatever family is nearby.  I want those things, but I grew up in a house where really only immediate family were welcome. I want to be more open than the way my own mom was, but the bigger the group the more stressed I get.  I say that I want a big house full of people, but by the middle of it, I am tired and overwhelmed and stressed and guilty.  Maybe those relatives can sense it, maybe that is why they don't want to come this year.  Maybe it is my fault.  When everybody else is annoying, the annoying one is You, right?  

I know it is not really the case.  We are the ones who moved 7 (at best) hours away.  We are the ones asking people in their mid-60's to come down to us.  I have always tried my best to make a warm and cozy home, with plenty of food and pillows and activities for people who can be challenging to please.  I have tried to put my best face forward, even when infertility or pregnancy exhausted me to the point of wanting to run upstairs and hide under the covers.  I'm always the one who takes the stress and pain of everyone around me and holds it in my heart.  If there is a lull in conversation, I jump to try to fill it, if something doesn't go right, I take it pretty personally.  It gets exhausting.

This is not what I want for our son.  I want his holidays to be light and bright, warm and fuzzy.  I don't want him to be responsible for everyone's happiness.  It is not up to him to make sure everyone is happy.  If they don't want to come, they don't have to come.  Our door is open either way.


  1. IComLeavWe #45:

    The holiday season is hard, not just because of infertility, but because of the pressure we feel to be perfect: the perfect cook, the perfect hostess with the perfect home or guest with the perfect gift, the perfect wife, the perfect mother...

    I hope you feel empowered to let go of the impossibility of perfection and simply enjoy the true meaning of these holidays. Faith, togetherness, thankfulness, and hope.

    You are in my prayers this holiday season!

  2. if you create what you have always dreamed for you son, and you have opened the door for your family to join in, then you have done everything right. so much of the holidays is creating something to remember for the kids.....
    i am sure whatever you do, it will be special for you and your new family

  3. I think that sounds beautiful! You are most certainly not responsible for everyone else's happiness. I live far away from my family too, so I get that part, but you have a baby family too now! That counts for a lot!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. Um... 60 isn't that old. My mom is 70 this year and travels internationally all the time.

    You should pursue your dream and create the holiday YOU want. Make sure others feel welcome. If they choose not to come, that's their choice, and no guilt should be involved.

    You have finally created the family you always wanted. This is your life. Enjoy!!!!!!

  5. Oh I feel for you. The holidays have always been a challenge for me too. I feel like i"m walking a tightrope when I'm trying to balance making everyone else happy and still trying to find a little happiness for myself. When my daughter Bean had her first holidays, I tried so hard to make sure that everyone was included that it was just crazy and stressful. This year we're being a little more selfish and making sure we see our families for one of the holidays, but keeping a lot more time for ourselves as well. You'll figure it out, and luckily these are the years that our little ones aren't going to remember. Good luck!

    ICLW #115