Thursday, January 5, 2012

New sneakers and a 5 dollar app do not a runner make

But, it's a start. Tonight C and I decided to sign up for our local city's 10K coming up at the end of March. The idea of running a 10K is daunting to be sure, but the occasional class is just not doing much for my jiggle.

So, with my new sneakers on my feet and my in my pocket I stepped on the treadmill and started up the couch to 10K app...

Now of course, after not taking more than a handful of classes since N was born, I was feeling more than a little awkward on the treadmill. I promptly knocked my water bottle on the floor trying to put it in the cup holder and yanked the earbuds out of my ear trying to adjust my music. And just when I was feeling most aware of my various body parts flopping around me, the skinniest, tannest, most short short wearing Runner got on the treadmill next to me.

Of course.

But, I pressed on and ignored the Runner and her pace that doubled mine at my fastest. I finished the first day of training and I'm feeling pretty good. A little achy, a little tired, pretty hungry, but feeling good about what I am trying to do for my body. I'm doing it for a few reasons.
First, I totally miss my pre-IVF body. You know the one, where I thought was overweight when I weighed 40 lbs less than I do now. I want to do this for my DH, to have extra energy for him after a day chasing N. I need the energy and flexibility and strength to chase N since every day he gets stronger and faster and more motivated to break down the barriers that we have in place. And now, after a call to my IVF coordinator, I need the energy to gear up for a frozen transfer later this spring.

N will be the most amazing older brother. C and I believe we are not done growing our family and with 5 frozen embies my heart overflows with the thought that we really could bring home another beautiful baby. It is my head that overflowed with all the emotions that come with starting this process all over again.

This is why the 10K seems like a great idea. Another mountain to climb, but this one is all for me. To cross a new finish line and get ready to start another race.


  1. saw the title of your post from another's blog and just thought I would send you some "runner" love!

    don't worry I am not now (nor ever really was) that skinny tan runner, lol. But I am a pretty serious runner and wanted to cheer you on!!

    it gets easier the more you commit to you and you will find it is not only an amazing way to lose and then maintain a healthy weight, but it is the best therapy out there.

    let me know if you ever need any advice or a running cheerleader! good luck!

  2. I left you an award!