Sunday, March 28, 2010

4dp 5dt

Another day down. 8 more to go. The doctor scheduled our first beta for April 6th...then followed by April 8th.

Time feels like it is going equally fast and slow.


  1. April 6th is very soon! But I hate the 2ww and know how slow it goes. I hope this is the one for you! (Here from LFCA)

  2. Stopping by to say hello & welcome to the IF blogosphere from LFCA. I hear you, waiting is one of the hardest parts of infertility treatments, there are so many moments of waiting, but the 2ww is definitely the worst! We just finished our first round of IVF/ICSI too! Fingers crossed you get a BFP:)

  3. Hey! Thanks for the comment. Love your blog. You're so far! Fingers and toes crossed for you!