Sunday, April 4, 2010

Refusing to POAS

I am finding that refusing to POAS is helping my sanity. I am 11dp5dt. The family weekend is going well so far. Just MIL has asked a few considerate questions, but no big discussion in front of a group which I really appreciate.

I had a big day of waking around yesterday and was exhausted when I got home, slept for almost 12 hours(!) and feel better today. I couldn't help worrying that all that walking wasn't doing my 11 day old embies any favors, but aside from a few twinges (that could have been anything), I felt pretty good. I did NOT enjoy giving myself the suppository in the bathroom at a Mc.D.onalds, but that isn't the worst thing I have ever done (remind me to tell you about the time food poisoning kicked in on the side of the road in the desert in Arizona in the middle of the night - with the man who became my husband!).

I'm kind of bleary eyed today. I feel hungover, but haven't drank a drop since the transfer (I'll miss you New Castle Brown Ale, but I will be so happy to give you up for 9 months)

Come on Embies! First beta on Tuesday.


  1. WOW! How con you be so strong?? I´m so jealous. I wish I could do that. Well, I don´t have a way to Beta. They told me to do a HPT 14 days after the transfer and then call them if it was positive to ¨schedule¨ a Beta.´s really up to me and how long I´m capable of waiting..haha. I have plans to POAS on tuesday, but I think you´ve inspire me to wait till wednesday (7dp5dt)LOL..
    On another note: AF is nowhere to be seen, huh?! That´s an awesome sign!. I´m going so crazy with all the hormone/pregnancy symptoms though..nausea, tiredness, sore boobs...are you experiencing any?
    Sorry for all these questions..I´m just so excited for you!

  2. Way to go on not POAS!! I did 11 transfers and not once did I cave to the evil pee sticks! Good luck for Beta!

  3. Hang in there! Good on ya for not caving POAS. I'm not that strong!