Saturday, June 26, 2010

Transfer story, 2ww officially begins!

Officially 1dp3dt and PUPO. We decided to transfer three embryos. It was something we sat down and discussed since of course going from 0 kids to 3 is a huge deal! The true likely hood of having triplets is very small, but still a possibility, so we needed to see how we truly felt about it.

When I called C to tell him that we had the choice to transfer two or three, he was sold on three right away. I didn't find myself hesitating either. I usually get a pretty immediate pit in my stomach when something doesn't feel right (like when C asked me if I wanted to move from VA to Albany + pit in stomach = No thank you, I love VA) and I didn't feel it. It felt good. Lets be serious though, I am slightly freaked out about the idea of three kids, especially since we have defined ourselves as the couple who can't have kids for the last 6 years. To go from that to mother of triplets, feels like a HUGE jump.

But, I am getting WAY ahead of myself.

The main reason we went with three was because if we transferred two and it didn't work, we didn't want to wish we transferred three. About 10 minutes before the transfer yesterday the doctor came in and confirmed that we wanted to transfer three. We both gave a resounding yes. The doctor said both he and the embryologist were OK with it because I was healthy and our first one didn't work, but he laid out an assortment of things that could go wrong and I started to get worried. *P.S. Not Cool to lay all that out 10 minutes before the transfer!* He left us alone to talk and I had a flash of doubt that quickly disappeared because of C's confidence and my favorite nurse who brought in pictures of her daughter's beautiful, healthy triplets (who were born through IVF!).

The pictures of our three beautiful embryos also made the decision easy. I looked at the picture and thought about only transferring two. Which two? How would I feel about cutting one of the embryos out of the picture? Not happening. Three it is!

Three embryos may lead to triplets. It may lead to twins. It may lead to one. It also may lead to my second failed IVF.

Whichever way it goes, it leads to a very exciting 2WW.


  1. So exciting!!

    My fingers are crossed for you!

    I think you made a good decision.

    My cousin did three and ended up with none. Someone else I know did three and ended up with one. I wouldn't worry too much about choosing three. I think it is fairly common.

    I hope this works for you guys! I will be checking back and hoping for good news!

  2. I would've made the exact same decisions and for the exact same reasons!

    I'm hoping that this is THE cycle! Good luck in the 2WW.

  3. I've been struggling so much with the idea of going with two, because as a single woman - two is just crazy, right?!? I so understand your feelings ont his though, because two just feels right to me now too. I can't explain to anyone what I would possibly do with twins if I got them, but I just know that two feels right... Good luck lady! Here's to hoping your 2ww goes by fast and you get hit with a beautiful BFP in the end! :)

  4. Congratulations on your transfer and for being PUPO! We had the exact same dilemma during our second IVF, we transferred 2 on day 3 during the first cycle and then we decided that if we were to transfer on day 3 we would have put 3 and if we were going for a day 5 we would have put back 2. We also felt like it was the RIGHT thing to do... glad you went with what feels right. Keep rubbing your belly and tell those embryos to stick and grow!! Good luck!

  5. Fingers crossed! Sounds like you had no doubts about the three, so that is a good sign. I believe in gut instincts.

  6. What great pictures! I think you made the right choice with three. I hope that your 2ww goes quickly and ends with two beautiful lines on a hpt! Good luck!

  7. Whoo Hoo! Hang in there lovely lady. I'm rooting for you!

  8. Congratulations on the successful transfer and being PUPO! Mr. Jem and I made the exact same decision today and transferred three. We didn't hesitate. Good for you for listening to your gut and following it!

  9. Three is my favorite number! Best of luck! I can't wait for updates!

  10. Listening to your instincts is always the best choice. Good luck!

  11. Yay! Best of luck for a great, quick 2ww and a wonderful ending!!