Thursday, June 3, 2010

A bonsai tree...and other updates

I started Lupron on Monday and my brother sent me a tree in the mail. It is awesome (the tree, not necessarily the shots in the thigh). He wrote a sweet note about staying focused and remembering to breathe and I really appreciated both his support and tribute to one of our favorite childhood movies (Kar.ate Kid!).

As for that job I've been talking about quitting, they made it easy for me to do last Friday. I told them that I was going to need some flexibility with my schedule coming up at the end of this month for IVF and since they were cool with our first IVF in April, I was expecting the same thing. I was wrong. They started giving me a hard time about the time off and basically as soon as they started saying those words, I started formulating my resignation in my head (future embryos for the win!). It was done within an hour (although I gave them two weeks week to go!). I told them that as much as I enjoyed working there, I need to put 100% of my focus on what I am doing right now.

The day I quit I felt lighter. The radio on the car ride home seemed to only be playing my favorite songs, there was a thunderstorm brewing that brought lightning (which I LOVE) and it seemed like I only hit green lights the whole ride. It just drove the point home for me that I did the right thing. Hubby was completely supportive and although we will have to adjust the budget a little bit, right now, my job is IVF #2.

And I'm getting through it with a tree.


  1. I kind of love your brother for sending such a supportive gift! And I really love that you have managed to ax that extra stress in your life. An unsupportive job is the last thing you need when starting down this road. Good luck lady!

  2. Yay for moving on and moving forward!! I always believe that things happen for a reason and this time around it's so that you can focus on IVF #2.

    Good luck!!!

  3. Good for you! I love this post! Love that everything after you sent your letter fell into place. All setting the stage for a great cycle! Good luck!