Sunday, May 9, 2010

Really dude?

Is what I was so close to saying to the waiter at brunch this morning who went on and on and on in this weird sing song voice saying, "Happy Mother's Day to ALLLLL the Mother's at this table (which was only my MIL) and what would ALLLLL the Mother's like to drink this morning??"

That was the only time today got weird. How did you all do today? I was thinking about you all and praying for sensitivity from all our friends and family (and from those posting on facebook).


On a side note, AF showed up. Today. Mother's Day. IVF Round 2 starts now. Go!

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  1. I think we all had a really rough day, hon. AF has a wicked sense of humor. I refused to go out in public and spent much of the day cuddling in bed with friends taking care of me. (((HUGS))) Hope this cycle is it for you....I start mine in a few weeks.