Sunday, May 2, 2010

When you give a turtle you find in your yard a bath...

...with the loving care you would give to your own child, its time to get this next round of IVF started.

My hubby was getting ready to mow the grass on Saturday and came in to tell me there was a turtle just strolling along the rock bed next to the deck. It is one we remember from last year and we think it made a home under the deck. I noticed it was dirty. So, I got the hose and gave it a little turtle bath. As I was looking at this turtle, I had a quick flash of what I want for the future.

I want to give my own sweet baby a bath in the kitchen sink.
I want to watch the hair of my baby dry naturally after a bath.
I want to wash the dirty hands of little kids who have been digging in the dirt.
I want to help them give the turtle a bath when they find it strolling across the rock bed.
This is not the whole list. It is just what flashed when I turned on the water and ran it over a dusty turtle. I'm waiting for AF. I'm waiting to start our second round of IVF.

I'm wanting. And I'm waiting.


  1. I really hope you don't have to wait much longer for your next cycle to start. Waiting is such torture! That little turtle sure brought some sweet images to your mind!

  2. You just reminded me of a funny story. My Grandmother just moved out of the home she had for over 50 years. She is a widow and had a huge garden. She found a turtle years ago and spray painted his back white so she would see it when she mowed. Then she built it a HOUSE! So cute, made with bricks and even shingles for the roof. That turtle was there for years and even had babies and other turtles came. She fed the turtles her dinner scraps and friskies cat food! AH HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Love your turtle bathing story and let's make a pact that we both get preggers and bathe babies soon!

  3. Hope you get to start your next cycle soon and bathe a wee bairn with as much care as that turtle....