Monday, July 5, 2010

I said I wouldn't test

Thats what I said during our first IVF. I would wait until beta. Although, Aunt Flo came before the beta results, so what I said truly didn't matter.

This time, I said the same thing. I am not going to POAS. I will wait and if we are really pregnant, only then will I do it, so I can for the first time ever see what a positive stick looks like.

It has been easy(ish) not to test. I didn't have one in the house. I didn't want to spend $12.99 on a box of two of them. And the local dollar store is too scary, even to just run in and get a cheapie.

Remember when I said I didn't have one in the house? Randomly enough, a few minutes ago I was cleaning the closet and found half a box of unused pink capped ovulation sticks. Mixed in the bunch? A blue capped pregnancy test.

Now, I REALLY want to POAS.

Today is 10dp3dt. My beta is scheduled for Thursday, but I was going through some paperwork today and it said the earliest they would draw blood would be 11dpt. That is tomorrow. I don't know why they want me to wait until Thurs, unless it was just a mistake in scheduling.

So...stay tuned to see if the Hormonal Egg Basket uncaps the blue stick or if she busts into the lab for an early beta...

or both??????????


  1. I would totally do the HPT!!! But, then again, I am weak! That's just crazy making you wait until Thursday, though! I prefer to get the internet cheapies myself :). For my next FET I'm sure I'll start testing at like 5dp3dt! I guess I just like to torture myself. I can't wait to hear about your BFP!

  2. I am not going to test either (so I say now...see how I feel 4 weeks from now, LOL), but the urge must be killing you. Trigger shot should be out of your system......just sayin'. Fingers are crossed!

  3. I would so test!! It's too much of a coincidence to find one HPT amongst all the ovulation sticks! Good luck!!!

  4. Oh my heart just filled up with so much hope for you! I say pee on that stick lady!! I wouldn't be able to wait any longer!!

  5. I'm waiting in suspense. Yeah, I have one stick too but I'm tempted to save it and let mother nature tell me. Ugh.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  6. Holding off with a HPT in hand? I could never do that. I would totally pee on that! I have no willpower when I know they exist in my home...

  7. I am NOT PIAS, tho I am very tempted. Too much possibility for heartache either way.

    I do think you should ask to have your beta Wednesday instead of Thursday.

    Wishing you the best. These last few days are the hardest.