Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Going in to the sonogram and possibly my RE's office for the last time, I felt the familiar nervous flutter that I used to reserve for college finals and job interviews.

Getting undressed in Room #5 while hubby stood nearby, I looked up at him and said, "I'm nervous honey." He asked me why. I didn't really have one definitive answer, it was just the combo of being about to find out how we did and exactly how many resulted from how we did.

Climbing into the stirrups and sliding my butt down to the edge of the exam table I tried to figure out just how many times I had been there before. But I never got to the number since Dr. R was ready to go and asked us if were too. We definitely were ready.

I could tell that the doctor did a quick sweep of my uterus before settling on the empty side. With a smile he said, "This is your uterus" then he swept to the side where our sweet little seed is growing and said, "This is your uterus on drugs." :)

Then he simply said, "Here is your baby." It was instant love. But I knew that both of us wanted to say, "Just one?"

When we transferred three embryos, everyone from our RE to strangers told us to prepare for twins or even triplets. So we did. We thought about how we would need to buy a new car and how we would set up the bedroom with three cribs and eventually bunk beds.

That is why our first instinct was, "Just one?"

But, it is not "Just one". It is "One!!!" We feel overwhelmingly blessed and so excited.

Things became so much more real in the moment that Dr. R handed us each a copy of the picture of our beautiful little baby; one for Mommy and one for Daddy (and one for Auntie Kim - the nurse who attached it to our file).

It is real. We haven't been playing make-believe for the past 7 weeks. We can be excited for the future (edd: 3/15/2011!). There are going to be three of us. We are going to be Mommy and Daddy.

I'm so happy! So, so happy.


  1. Congrats on such a happy and wonderful apt!!!

  2. What a beautiful post!!! So happy for the three of you... the start of your new family!!! Increbible!!!

  3. I had the same "just one?" feeling at my ultrasound. My grandmother is a twin and twins run in my family so I was secretly hoping for twins but my friend who had a baby a year ago said it best. she said she couldn't imagine having twins because her single baby does so many amazing things every single day that amaze her that she is afraid she would miss something important by having to focus on two. That stuck with me and now I am thankful it's not twins! We work so hard for this, we should enjoy every single moment!

  4. Congratulations! So very excited for you. That first picture is the best!

  5. Oh, dear, I am all weepy. I am so happy for you. From one hormonal egg basket to another....congratulations, mommy.

  6. I am so happy. Here from ICLW but perfect timing to share in your news!

  7. I am seriously so happy for you lady! And I think there must be no better graduation day than the day you graduate from your RE.

  8. And I'm so very happy for you!! That's awesome news! Your doc is too funny! ;-) Congratulations!! When you're ready, I would love to feature your success story on my blog! http://stressfreeinfertilityblog.com/2010/01/17/calling-all-success-stories/

  9. Yeah March baby!!!!!